Print Presents: Friday Music Fever (FMF) ep. 2

FMF (Friday Music Fever)Whats going on guys! So today is Friday and you all know what that means, right? Print of Good Day Good Nights, “Friday Music Fever”(FMF) is back for its second installment. Today, we have brought you some new never before heard of tracks from Print, for your listening pleasure. With all the gloom in the clouds,  we over at Yatta Mayjour felt that these records would compliment the weather perfectly.

First, Print takes you on a metaphorical roller coaster, over a classic Hi-Tek instrumental, with a record entitled, “The Musical Theory.” Print brings you into his imagination, where he creates a insane world, bringing to life a number of instruments. He tells three different stories, with the last verse being his favorite. He actually tells the story of how writers block came to be. This is a very intricate record so pay close attention!

The Musical Theory:

Second, Print felt with the NBA championship being so intense this year, he would team up with his fellow Emcee, Outasight and his producer/rapper, Drebond for a parity record entitled,. “Like its Basketball f. Outasight & Drebond.” Here, they all use Basketball as a metaphor, to talk about the state of Hip-Hop. This is def. one record for the streets to bump on the pavement, while playing a good full court game. 

Like its Basketball f. Outasight & Drebond

Last but not least, Print takes us home, in a controversial record called, “Taxi Cab.”Taxicab is a record that sheds light on how Print feels about people who have falsely created their artistic styles, perspectives, and points of view by biting off of others; specifically Print. Print and company have been the templates for some of the Matrix’s favorite artists before they were important. Although, Print sometimes feels slated because in this age in Hip Hop, no one really pays homage to those that may have paved the way or helped an artist understand how to really become successful at their craft. Instead, they create a facade for themselves and Print wanted to take a long Taxicab ride, while venting on the subject. 

Taxicab f. Spillz & J.Rice:

We have also attached a couple of pictures for you to use on your blogs/sites if you choose to.

Check all of these wonderful records out, enjoy them, comment on them and stay tuned for next weeks installment of FMF!!!!

Thank you for all your support as well!!!! Yatta Mayjour, AOK, YUME, & Daily Grind is the future!!!

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Comic Books Unlimited:

~ by Chris Faust on June 12, 2009.

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