Print Presents: Potholes in My Blog Album Review

Whats going on guys!! So the good People at Potholes in My Blog, reviewed  my Album and I have to say they were very impressed. Which in turn made me very impressed with my self. Check out what they said:

Album Review

Album Review

Album Review: Print – Comic Books: Unlimited (2009)
Rating: 4 out of 5 Potholes

I am currently reflecting on Lupe Fiasco’s “Fahrenheit 1/15″ series. The three 2005 releases were the tools vital in cementing Lu’s impressive foundation as an emcee. It was an overwhelming collection that showcased who he was as an artist, and what he was capable of bringing to the hip-hop table. It was a 2009 release that brought me back to that special 2005 time. Print’s Comic Books: Unlimited is a stellar ensemble of tracks that act as not only a natural representation, but a refreshing introduction.

The album’s production provides this energetic emcee with the opportunity to showcase his diversity. Print can attack tracks with a relentless rapid-fire delivery (see “Unlimited”) and he is also capable to turn it down a bit and focus on the clarity of his words (see “Superman Is Alive). Print consistently keeps things fresh throughout this lengthy listen.

Don’t even get me started on “Super Friends”. Get your popcorn ready, folks. Just over eleven minutes of some of, collectively, the most impressive rhyming I have heard in some time. It’s the cream of the crop on this album, bar none. A beat that doesn’t try to do too much, combined with a two handfuls worth of determined emcees? That’s a super formula right there. The track also serves up the biggest disappointment, as none of the Potholes staff was invited to handle a verse.

While I praise Comic Books: Unlimited for a great quality/quantity ratio, a few tracks that don’t shine as much as the rest render this album slightly beyond enough. A few cuts here and there would really have helped this compilation. The problem? Print just sounds a little off alongside his female sidekicks. First, he loses himself in the moment when he talks about the beautiful “Lana Lang”. Capri’s addition to “Ridin’ High” unfortunately mixes pleasure with disaster. These tracks do prove that Print has got that sensitive side to him, but it appears to be the Achilles heel. Women . . .

I am beyond impressed with Comic Books: Unlimited. It is a trip down many roads without ever veering into generally unappealing territory. Print’s effort on this album is heroic, to say the least. Be on the lookout for his group Good Day, Good Night. I expect big things after the foundation this emcee has cemented.

~ by Chris Faust on May 5, 2009.

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